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Erasure Poem

An attempt at an erasure poem from Louis L'Amour's "Ride the River"

An attempt at an erasure poem from the book “Ride the River” by Louis L’Amour

To Want

My little lion

my scanner is too small and cuts the sides off… : (

note: I used some lines from a song by Neko Case in my design (not the poem). Thanks Neko Case!

Hey there, Arizona

In the Dark

This is the first poem I’ve written in awhile; I’ll probably keep revising it over and over! It still feels like a skeleton of a poem.

I have weird dreams

I get nervous sharing poetry, because I’m very self critical. The more I read a poem of mine, the more it becomes a big mess of words; like saying the same word over and over till it sounds unrecognizable (or is that just me?!)

In Arizona